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Tonight let’s get right! For some folks after today’s work shift you gota 3 day holiday wknd to enjoy. My advice join me at Putnam Pub for the #FunctionHigher party alongside my homie @djjeffhaze hosted by @therealmschong and @maha_sin. Doors at 9pm no cover with drink specials to 9pm. Take heed tho’ this jawn is for movers and shakers not the side line fakers. Leave that wallflower behavior at home! #freispeech

#tellthetruththursdays I’m not one of those who cops a fresh pair kicks every week but over the years and times I’ve acquired a nice collection of pieces that I’ve prided myself on owning. A lot of today’s footwear isn’t made with the same integrity. The mass production of J’s and Air whatevers being made aren’t created wit premium leather, quality laces and stitching to keep these materials together. They’re merely given to folks to cater to their egos to feel as if their part of some hip trend. One of my favor lines from Drake on his song Worst Behavior is “Still love to scrub Jays with a toothbrush”. If I knew him personally I’d have to give him props for that line ‘cause not too many of today’s “Sneaker Heads” really learnt that. This here is a salute to the OGs of the culture who like myself “keep a few on ice that’s how u know they nice”. Sneaker maintenance by #freispeech : brush the suede off then spray it with mink oil to waterproof and condition the leather. Wash the laces with mild detergent and let them air dry at least once a week or depending on how frequently you sport your joints.

I won’t mention the names or the situation becuz I refuse to help sell ignorance or propaganda especially when we hold less than half of the real story. My people stop being SUCKAS for drama! Them glass houses we live in ain’t shatter proof #freispeech

Tonight I’m back up in Bedford Hall in Brooklyn playin the goodness and nothing WRETCHED. I repeat nothing WRETCHED! Oh by the way from here on if you mention the word RATCHET when speaking to me I will consistently inform you that it is not a word and the correct pronunciation of the word is wretched not ratchet. We as the somewhat educated or well learnt people need to stop giving power to ignorance. Yes we can be creative and give birth to new words with meaning but this word RATCHET is not one of them. It simply implies and promotes a lack of understanding grammar. Here’s my example: when I was younger and unlearnt I would pronounce the word OMNIPOTENT as spelled but when I was corrected is made a world of difference and never said that way again. If you know better do better EACH one TEACH one #freispeech

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